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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Outstanding Support Guarantee

As part of our Outstanding Support Guarantee, we will guarantee the following:

  • Respond to your support tickets within 10 minutes
  • Answer your support calls within 1 minute

Service Level Guarantee

Our network consists of multiple redundant paths and redundant equipment which enables us to offer 99.999% network availability.

Our power infrastructure is geared for redundancy with multiple failovers including backup diesel generators, UPS, STS transfer switching, which enables us to offer 100% power availability.

We will guarantee to provide the following uptime:

  • 99.999% Network Availability
  • 100% Power Availability

This excludes scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance, DDoS attacks, force majeure and hardware failures within your server.

We are so confident in our infrastructure that we will offer you credit against your account to compensate for any failures on our end to meet this uptime guarantee. The maximum credit you can claim will not exceed the monthly bill for the server.

We will compensate you with one day of credit for your server for every hour of downtime due to network or power in line with our Service Level Guarantee.

Service Level Guarantee uptime is monitored on a rolling monthly basis.

In order to take advantage of this Service Level Guarantee, you will need to make your claim within 15 days of the failure in question. Your claim must be made by submitting a ticket through your customer portal to our billing department. The ticket must clearly show evidence of outage, date of outage, start time and end time. If a ticket has not been raised to inform us of an outage, we will be unable to process your claim.