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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny piece of data stored on your computer and managed by your web browser at the request of a website. Cookies are very useful to a website because they help the website remember important things like what items you have in your shopping basket, what special offers you might be eligible for and whether you are logged in. They also help websites remember your preferences such as, for instance, whether you like to see prices including or excluding VAT. Cookies are also used to help improve a website by using a unique (anonymous) value to help the site owner identify the most popular content, measure site performance and how often users visit. Websites often use services from other companies to help with this analysis and the cookies used by these other companies on the website owner's behalf are called third-party cookies. Because cookies are managed by your web browser if you move to a different device or browser software the cookies won't come along. You will need to log into a website again on your mobile device, for instance, even though you are logged in on your desktop computer already. Each device and web browser will have its own set of cookies that might be different.

Our Cookies

We classify the cookies we use on our websites based on what they do and whether they are essential to the working of the website. You can disable any or all of the cookies we use via your web browser preferences but disabling certain cookies will prevent our sites from offering functionality you want to use.

  • Required cookies. Without these cookies some or all of our websites won't work the way you expect. For instance, you won't be able to log into your account or add items to your basket.
  • Convenience cookies. Without these cookies you can still use our websites but you might miss out on special offers and you might not see personalisations you have made to your Control Panel.
  • Analytical cookies. These cookies are not needed for you to use our sites but they do help us improve sites to make them easier to use and faster.

In the following tables, there's more information about each cookie we use, what kind of cookie it is and what we use it for.

Required cookies

NamePurposeExpiryWhere used
xscAccount login2 hoursGlobally
BIGipserver*Load management on our serverssessionGlobally
TS*Load management on our serverssessionGlobally
website2_liveLoad management on our serversStore sessionStores
PHPSESSIDPHP Session TokensessionPortal
YII_CSRF_TOKENForm securitysessionPortal
* (named after PHPSESSID value)Session datasessionPortal

Convenience cookies

NamePurposeExpiryWhere used
Whether to show 'your browser is out of date' message90 daysStores
Control Panel
cookiePrefsWhether to show the 'this site uses cookies' message1 monthStores
search_whereLast search detailssessionPortal

Analytical cookies

NamePurposeExpiryWhere used
splitTestTesting improvements to the website1 yearStores
_wicasaSite use analysis90 daysGlobal
_ashkiiSite use analysissessionGlobal
dbmFPSession referrer code. This cookie is also used for anti-fraud purposes.90 daysStores, Portal
dbmPKFirst session referrer code. This cookie is also used for anti-fraud purposes.90 daysStores, Portal
  • A * at the end of a cookie name means 'anything'. For instance, TS* means any cookie that starts with the letters 'TS'.
  • A session cookie is one that only lasts as long as you are browsing our websites. Your web browser will usually clean up session cookies when you close your browser windows.

Third Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies used by:

  • Open Source software developed by the world-wide software community
  • companies that provide products on our behalf
  • companies we use that help us analysing how we can improve our websites

We use some Open Source software which is developed by a community and which is not owned or managed by any single company. These community projects don't have their own cookie policies but their entire source code is available for public inspection.

We use WordPress for our company blog and support centre.

ComponentSource code link

Some of our products (such as our website building products) are supported by other companies which have their own cookies. These companies have their own cookie policies which we've linked to below. If you haven't purchased products supported by these companies then you won't have cookies on your device from them.

Third-Party ProductUsePolicy link
WHMCSCart and Adminhttps://www.whmcs.com/privacy-policy/ https://docs.whmcs.com/Cookies
ZopimWeb Chathttps://www.zendesk.com/company/customers-partners/cookie-policy/

We use a few companies to help us analyse and improve our websites and we also integrate with Social Media services. These companies have their own cookies and their own cookie policies:

Third-Party ProductUsePolicy link
Social Media
https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/ https://www.facebook.com/business/gdpr https://www.facebook.com/business/news/facebooks-commitment-to-data-protection-and-privacy-in-compliance-with-the-gdpr
TradedoublerTradedoublerhttp://www.tradedoubler.com/en/privacy-policy/ (includes cookies)
LeadinfoLead Generationhttps://www.leadinfo.com/en/privacy/

Cookie settings

You can control which cookies your web browser allows via the browser's preferences. You may prevent (block) all cookies or just some but remember that some cookies are required for our websites to work. The third-party services we use support the 'Do Not Track' option in modern web browsers and modern web browsers also offer to block 'Only third-party' cookies. Enabling these options shouldn't prevent you using our websites (please contact us if you experience problems and we will do our best to fix them). Most web browsers also support optional plugins that offer enhanced control over cookies. Remember, cookies are browser and device specific so you will need to set your cookie preferences in all your browsers and on all your devices separately.