Lead generation

Generate better leads and stop losing sales

  • Identify B2B visitors
  • No data capture forms
  • GDPR compliant
Generate better leads

Uncover your true sales potential

Did you know 95% of visitors who express interest in your product or service never initiate contact? These visitors are lost sales opportunities that you may never even know about.

Getting B2B traffic to your site is a top priority for many companies so it makes sense to find out exactly who is browsing your website. Our team.blue partner, Leadinfo, have a powerful lead generation tool* that can help.

Using this tool, you can get invaluable information about your B2B visitors, including company name, contact details, and LinkedIn profiles of managers. This enables you to build a comprehensive and precise sales funnel. Turning the anonymous to the known means you can reach out directly, fine tune your messaging, improve your market understanding - and get more sales conversions.

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  • Access real-time data

    Whether you are a local business owner or a professional working within a large corporation or multinational enterprise, Leadinfo can act as a growth catalyst for your business. By leveraging its dynamic real-time analytics and comprehensive dataset, you can effortlessly nurture connections and transform potential leads into valuable customers.

  • GDPR compliant

    Leadinfo complies with the latest GDPR regulations by providing cookie-free tracking alternatives. This commitment to privacy means you can gather invaluable insights whilst ensuring a trustworthy experience for your visitors and adhering to data protection regulations.

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Seamless 1click integrations

Seamless integrations

With over sixty 1-click integration possibilities, there’s no need to waste precious time or money on IT integration. You can connect Leadinfo to all the apps you already know and love in a jiffy or if you want to add something new, it’s super easy to do.

Personalise user experience

Enhanced user experience

Create an enriched user experience, foster leads and drive sales conversions using Leadinfo’s powerful automation capabilities. Leadinfo has all the tools you need to deliver personalised communications that truly resonate with your audience.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights?

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Leadinfo are part of the team.blue family. They offer a game-changing tool* designed to revolutionise B2B lead generation and sales. Their intuitive software takes minutes, rather than hours, to install and they are now the market leader in their region.

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Frequently asked questions about Lead Generation

  • What is Lead Generation?

    Lead generation, also known as leadgen, is integral to any business. If your company has a sales team, they will likely work very hard to generate leads via referrals, events, and personal connections. What can make it a lot easier, is selling to a 'warm' lead pipeline but the B2B market presents challenges. This is where marketing-led Lead Generation comes in.

    In short, marketers aim to speed the process of identifying 'prospects' and 'warm leads' and capturing their data, so that your sales team (which might just be you!) have more and better-quality leads.

  • How does the software work?

    Leadinfo lead generation software works by recognising the companies that visit your website by linking their IP address to their uniquely composed database. It can then provide company data, LinkedIn profiles and business email addresses so you have all the information you need to contact your potential customers.

  • How can Leadinfo help your business?

    Leadinfo can give you with invaluable insights into your potential market and customers, so you can streamline your sales processes and quickly take action. Having the ability to respond to leads in real time can also increase your conversion rates.

  • Is Leadinfo GDPR-compliant?

    Yes, Leadinfo is fully GDPR-compliant and offers a cookie-less lead generation solution.

  • Can you integrate other tools with Leadinfo?

    Yes, Leadinfo integrates with over sixty platforms, including popular platforms like Hubspot CRM, Google Ads, Pipedrive CRM, Microsoft Teams Communication, Zapier Automation, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM and Zendesk CRM.

  • How much does it cost?

    Prices are based around the number of companies that can be identified on your website. Leadinfo offer a free 14-day trial so you can try out the software for yourself and see how it works. For more information, visit leadinfo.com.

* Terms and Conditions are governed by Leadinfo. For full terms and conditions, please click here.