Load Balancers

Advanced layer 4 -7 Load Balancing

  • Keep critical web applications always on
  • Scale your business beyond a single server
  • Accelerate web performance
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Intelligent server load balancing for optimum performance

Ensure 24/7 high availability, resilience and faster response times, even during periods of peak demand with our offering of intelligent network and application layer 4 -7 load balancing solutions.

Why load balance?

Our load balancing solutions will take your web traffic and intelligently distribute it between web servers, providing an efficient and cost-effective way of scaling out your application server infrastructure to meet demand without compromising on performance.

24/7 high availability

Single points of failure can be mitigated by introducing a load balancer in a redundant configuration across multiple back end servers.

Faster response times

Provide a highly responsive end user experience by intelligently distributing traffic demand across multiple web or application servers.


Protect your applications against security vulnerabilities, data loss protection and meet PCI-DSS compliance with intelligent web application firewalling.

Quick deployments

Shorten time to production for application deployment with an easy to use and highly scalable load balancing solution.

Web users expect lightning fast responsiveness and load times, ensure your site is delivering just that by enabling Load Balancers.

KEMP authorised partner

Simply Hosting & Servers is one of just a few accredited KEMP Authorised Partners in the UK. Our partner status means we can deploy Load Balancer solutions from across the entire KEMP Load Balancer range. We pass on our enhanced level of service and support from KEMP to you, and use our partnership to get you the best possible prices.

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  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing
  • SSL offload/SSL acceleration
  • Full HTTP/2 support
  • Web application firewall
  • HTTP caching, compression & IPS security
  • Global server load balancing
  • Edge security pack (TMG replacement)
  • Application health checking
  • Content switching

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