Hardware Firewalls

Solid, seamless protection for your servers

Secure your servers

Stop unwanted traffic before transferring incoming data to your server.


  • Rapid setup
  • No complex configuration
  • Offload traffic processing to a dedicated device
  • Simple management via console or web browser
  • Transparent mode
  • Industry leading Juniper Networks SRX hardware


  • Port blocking & protocol filtering
  • Advanced reporting & monitoring
  • Simple web based management
  • Powerful Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Traffic shaping & bandwidth management
  • Blacklist & whitelist IP ranges

Accessing the SRX320 Services Gateway

Two user interfaces are available for monitoring, configuring, troubleshooting and managing the SRX320 Services Gateway.

J-Web Interface

Web-based graphical interface that allows you to operate a services gateway without commands. The J-Web interface provides access to all Junos OS functionality and features.

Junos OS CLI

Juniper Networks command shell that runs on top of a UNIX-based operating system kernel. The CLI is a straightforward command interface. On a single line, you type commands that are executed when you press the enter key. The CLI provides command help and command completion.

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