3 months at
99p p/m**


Automated server backups

  • Up to 12TB capacity
  • Fast restore & instant roll back
  • Compatible with Linux or Windows servers

Get 3 months Onsite Backups for only 99p per month – use code 3MBACKUP99**

Protect your data

With our R1Soft automated backups, you can be confident that your data, including email, databases and web content, is secure at all times. It’s easy to create restore points, add encrypted connections and encryption for backups. Plus, you can customise your backup schedule to run as frequently as every 15 minutes, with zero impact on the performance of your server.

 Onsite BackupsOffsite Backups
 CustomiseBuy Now
LocationReading Data CentreLondon Data Centre
StorageUp to 500GB12TB
No. Of LicensesUp to 510 to 30
Price / MonthFrom £9£300

Rapid and reliable backups

data protection

R1Soft constantly monitors your server for any changes and only backs up what has changed with no impact on performance, keeping critical resources free to serve your customers.


Run fast, performance-friendly backups, regardless of how many files you’re backing up. Block-based backups bypass the file system and read data directly from the disk or volume, allowing you to get the most out of your storage space and resources.


Backups are ideal for disaster recovery. Should something go awry, you’ll be able to recover and restore large files or entire servers, in a flash. You can even restore your files or server, whilst your backup is running.
Deployment and configuration wizards

Let the wizards get to work

Save time with our deployment and configuration wizards. Install, set up and start backing up in less than five minutes – it’s the most straightforward server backup on the market.

Back up on the go

With Portable Disk Safe® technology, your backups go wherever you need them to - move a Disk Safe to a new location, open it from another area or even copy it to a USB drive.

Portable Disk Safe
Back-up as often as you need it

Support whenever you need it

Low overhead means minimal impact to your production servers so you can backup as often as every 15 minutes if you like.

Get started in minutes

Enjoy the protection of speedy backups and frequent recovery points in just a few minutes.

Speedy backups and frequent recovery points
Bare-Metal restore

Fast file recovery

Restore large file systems or entire servers quickly with Bare-Metal Restore. You can even bring a single file back with granular file recovery.

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What our customers say

Interactive Schools
"Hosting resilience, scale and performance is essential for my business to service our clients in over 15 countries around the globe. Simply continues to support our international growth with new technology to meet the needs of 24/7 consumers."
Simon Noakes CEO & Founder Interactive Schools
"When we started with Simply many years ago, we did so on a test basis to evaluate the quality of the service - we’ve never looked back. Most of our servers have moved to Simply from different data centres around the globe. Currently we have 40+ dedicated servers under our belt with Simply and we would like to thank them for their quality service and for all efforts to help us to grow."
Aman Hossain Moittry (HK) Limited
"Every dedicated server support ticket was replied to in less than one minute. That’s why I switched all of my business to Simply."
Daniel Watts MD, Aluminate Network Group Ltd
"We’ve been with Simply for 9 years and the fact we’ve grown with them from a single server to multiple servers shows how awesome they’ve been. Their infrastructure is exceptional, only the best server hardware and reasonable prices and getting 24/7 support is like the icing on the cake. If any issues ever arise they are promptly handled by support in the best possible way."
Sam K webhostuk.com
Point Zero
"As a proud reseller of Simply’s products, we are not only able to expand our own infrastructure with ease but we offer our clients incredible efficiency in placing their business in a reliable, fully-managed cloud space with 24/7/365 support. We have found a long-term business partner in Simply."
James Stacey Director, Point Zero Solutions Ltd

Frequently asked questions about backups

  • Are your backups offsite?

    They sure are! Our offsite, remote backups are in our London Data Centre and offers up to 12TB of storage on a dedicated server. Our onsite backups are based in our Reading Data Centre and allow up to 500GB of backups for up to 5 devices.

  • Can you help me setup my backups?

    We’d love to help! We offer supported backup setups for a small fee. Give us a call on 0333 247 0222 and we’ll work together to get your backups set up just as you need them.

  • Can I use your backup service with an external server?

    Absolutely! It’s best to be prepared for your worst-case scenario with a disaster recovery (DR) plan, to minimise disruption should something go awry. By keeping a remote backup of your files, you’ll minimise the risk of data loss that can occur as a result of file corruption, theft, fire and other disasters. Should a disaster strike, you’ll be able to recover and restore your server, keeping downtime and data loss to a minimum.

  • Can I use multiple servers on the same backup plan?

    Of course. If you have one server to backup, you’ll need 1 license. If you have 5 servers, you’ll need 5 licenses. If you’re unsure, give us a call on 0333 247 0222 to discuss your requirements.

  • What software do you use?

    Our backup servers use R1Soft; an agent installed on our backup server that allows you to run backups straight off your server, without the need for additional hardware.

  • How many restore points can I have?

    You can backup as often as you like creating 7 daily, 4 weekly, 12 monthly & 2 annual restore points. Our backup products offer flexibility, giving you 25 restore points so you can backup all your important data, within your storage limit.

** Onsite backups offer is first 3 months at 99p per month, when paying monthly, using voucher code 3MBACKUP99. This offer is for new purchases only, cannot be applied to renewals, cannot be applied to any associated licensing fees or used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of PoundHost Internet Limited T/A Simply Hosting & Servers. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT, please note, for EU customers VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence.