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Virtual Private Servers with SSD storage

Server ServerProcessor ProcessorMemory MemoryStorage StorageBandwidth BandwidthOS / Control panel OS / Control panelp/m (ex 20%) VAT
XS-SSD 1 1vCPU1GB RAM20GB SSDUnlimitedLinux OS
p/m from  £7.00
Free windows server included
50% OFF
2vCPU4GB RAM40GB SSDUnlimitedLinux OS
FREE Windows Server OS
Plesk / cPanel
was £18.00 p/m from  £9.00
50% OFF
4vCPU8GB RAM80GB SSDUnlimitedLinux OS
FREE Windows Server OS
Plesk / cPanel
was £26.00 p/m from  £13.00
50% OFF
8vCPU16GB RAM160GB SSDUnlimitedLinux OS
FREE Windows Server OS
Plesk / cPanel
was £42.00 p/m from  £21.00
50% OFF
16vCPU32GB RAM240GB SSDUnlimitedLinux OS
FREE Windows Server OS
Plesk / cPanel
was £56.00 p/m from  £28.00
50% OFF
32vCPU64GB RAM500GB SSDUnlimitedLinux OS
FREE Windows Server OS
Plesk / cPanel
was £96.00 p/m from  £48.00

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High performance VPS Hosting


We built our server platform from the ground up utilising Dell, Cisco and Juniper hardware for high performance and availability.

FREE Windows OS

Choose a VPS plan with a Windows OS and we’ll include Windows Server 2019, 2016 and 2012 OS for FREE - unlike our competitors.

Instant set-up

Our team can get your VPS ready to go the same day you order it - most are built within the hour, so you can get on with it.

24/7 UK support

Get the help you need - when you need it. Simply call our expert team any time or raise a ticket in your Customer Portal.

FREE Windows Server OS, unlike ANY of our competitors!

Choose a VPS plan with a Windows Operating System and we’ll include Windows Server 2019, 2016 & 2012 OS for FREE. We’re committed to offering our customers the best value VPS which means not adding an extra charge for Windows OS. We guarantee excellence in product, service AND price so you can get online immediately without any extra setup or operating system costs.

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Simply HostingIncluded FREE
123 RegMonthly Charge
EukHostMonthly Charge
FasthostMonthly Charge
GoDaddyMonthly Charge
Heart InternetMonthly Charge
IonosMonthly Charge
OVH CloudMonthly Charge

Powerful VPS Technology

Microsoft Hyper-V VPS

Microsoft Hyper-V VPS Hosting

Based on Windows Server 2012 R2, the Hyper-V virtualisation technology gives our VPS servers all the advantages of completely separate host and guest operating systems. It means you can enjoy cheap VPS hosting and get all the benefits of an authentic virtual server with a dedicated operating system. Our platform is fully-virtualised which means you can enjoy highly efficient services and minimal maintenance.

Dell and Cisco

Dell and Cisco technology

Our VPS and cloud servers are hosted on a combination of Dell hardware and Cisco network technologies. This offers the best platform to provide virtualisation services with high performance, optimal availability and low failure rates. Our high-speed servers respond to all demands while paying close attention to energy consumption and environmental impact.


NetApp & SSD storage

We have selected the best storage units on the market to host your data. The drives on our Cloud servers are hosted on two NAS NetApp series FAS6200, using Flash Pool technology that automates storage tiering between SSD and SAS disks. This ensures data security thanks to RAID-DP functionality, with constant availability, at maximum possible speeds.


Plesk Control Panel

The Plesk Obsidian Control Panel is designed to simplify the management of your VPS or Cloud Servers. A simple interface enables you to create space to host your websites, manage FTP users, email accounts, databases, and install or update software. It also offers a series of useful tools for quick server and data backups, both locally and remotely, all of which can be restored when needed, even on another server.

Administrator privileges

Administrator privileges

With administrator access, you can configure and manage your server with the utmost freedom. This means you can compile software from sources, configure a firewall or install an additional module on your web server quickly and easily.

VPS use cases

VPS servers can be used to host an extensive variety of projects from visual media and e-commerce sites, to web applications. Here are just a handful of the most popular uses:

Financial trading

Financial trading

Forex trading and foreign exchange demands a lightning-speed connection to trading platforms to keep up with the market and ensure trades can be executed quickly. Our VPS servers range offers exactly that, plus hyper-robust levels of security, 100% power and 99.999% network uptime guaranteed. You can also connect to your platform from anywhere with a network connection allowing you the flexibility to trade anywhere, anytime.

Game servers

Game servers

Our VPS hosting enables users a lag-free gaming experience, and a seamless multi-user play. Our servers aren’t limited, so you’re free to run whatever you’d like; from Minecraft and Mordhau to Ventrillo and Rust. Why stop at just one? Use that untapped power to run multiple game services so you don’t have to choose. Our UK based servers have tier 1 peering so you’re guaranteed low latency to all of Europe and beyond.

Web applications

Web applications

If you’re looking for an isolated, independent environment to test web apps in development then virtual server hosting is a great choice. It offers you the private resources you may need but without the high cost of a dedicated server.



A Remote Desktop Session(RDS) can be used via VPS to provide secure access to Windows Server published resources, such as Windows apps, files and desktops. In order to access a RDS, you need a client access license(CAL) and the more users or devices accessing your resources, the more RDS CALs are required. This pay for capacity license model makes it an affordable option for businesses.


24/7 onsite UK support

Our 24/7 support team will provide you with all the assistance you need for any issues with your VPS servers. The service is accessible from the ‘Support’ section in the customer portal and is also available outside office hours and at weekends. You can always count on us to guarantee continuity of your services and websites.

Protect your data with server backups 3 months at 99p badge

Be confident that your data is secure with our R1Soft automated backups. It’s easy to create restore points, add encrypted connections and encryption for backups. Plus, schedule your backups to run as frequently as you like, with no impact on the performance of your server. Enjoy total peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your website, you’ve got a backup plan in place.

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What our customers say

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone over at the Simply Hosting team.

You've been instrumental in the launch of our business and played a key part with constant reliability, fast setup and cheap cost.

We look forward to working with you as we add growth to our business in future."

Sam Willows

"We needed solid, fast and reliable VPS machines in bulk. We needed a new provider and one that was willing to work with us, not just take our money.

Since moving all our VM clients over to Simply Hosting’s VPS systems, I can honestly say we have no downtime, a better service and we’ve been able to grow our VPS offerings and offer our clients a much higher level of service.

Darren Shortt

"I couldn’t have been happier with the service you provided. The VPS product works seamlessly and the pricing for the product is extremely good compared to your competitors."

Steven Parkyn

"Very happy with the VPS I have with Simply Hosting. I had a dedicated server before with another provider and I have now moved to VPS and the performance is great and at a fraction of the cost.

Gwil from sales was very helpful and kept in touch with me all the way through. Jason went out of his way to help me setup the R1 backup and test BMR. Overall very pleased with the service."

Roger Bert

"I’ve been using the server for my personal Forex trading for several months now and can say that the server supports my trading needs well and is easy to install and use. The customer service at Simply Hosting has been some of the best I've experienced. Any support I've needed, the team have been quick to respond and resolve it. Thank you so much!"

Safiya Murray

"With Simply Hosting I’ve never had any kind of technical problem with SSDs because you have a phenomenal technical support service. I have two VPS servers with you but in reality I activate and configure your SSD service to many of my customers. I’m really happy with your interest in a "small customer" like me and if in the future I need some infrastructure for my business, I will certainly contact you."

Fabio Califano

Frequently asked questions about VPS

  • What is VPS hosting?

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. They are used for hosting software applications like CRM, portals and extranets and websites with heavy visual content and e-commerce.

    It uses unique virtualisation technology to provide customers with their own private resources on a server that has multiple users. It is one of the most popular hosting services because it’s fast to set up and extremely cost-effective.

  • What is SSD VPS?

    SSD VPS is a form of virtual server hosting that uses Solid State Drive storage instead of other traditional spinning disks to deliver faster performance and consume less power.

  • Can I upgrade my VPS in the future?

    Yes of course, simply get in touch with our experienced team and they will help you with your upgrade. You can call us on 0333 247 0222 or send a support ticket via your Customer Portal.

  • How does a VPS work?

    A VPS is a server running within another server. One physical server hosts multiple virtual servers and they are all kept separate from each other. A VPS acts as if it is an independent server even though it is technically housed alongside many other virtual servers. Each VPS can be managed and rebooted independently and each one runs its own operating system.

  • What is the difference between VPS and Cloud servers?

    VPS and Cloud servers work in a similar environment and are supported by the same technology but they are fundamentally different. With a VPS, each virtual server dedicated to your business is bound to one physical machine, but with a Cloud server, your virtual server is able to use resources spread out across a number of different physical machines.

    Virtual server hosting is most suited to customers who need access to scalable, high performance servers quickly. Cloud servers are better suited to customers who also have custom resource requirements and demand even higher levels of resiliency.

  • What is the difference between VPS and shared web hosting?

    VPS hosting and shared web hosting offer shared resources. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting isolates the data onto a virtual machine dedicated to the user.

  • What is the difference between VPS and Dedicated Servers?

    With both types of servers you get full control over server configuration but VPS is much lower in cost because the resources are split over a number of physical servers. If you are looking for a Dedicated Server, check out our full range and if you need any help give us a call.

  • Will I get full administrator or root access to my VPS?

    Yes, you get full root/administrator access via your Customer Portal. This allows you to log in and manage your VPS via SSH for Linux or via RDP for Windows.

  • How can I access my VPS resources?

    You can use our Customer Portal to administer your VPS or if you want to avoid manual configuration of your server, you can add either Plesk or cPanel for a more user friendly management interface.

The offer is 50% off the first month of indicated VPS plans, while stocks last. This offer is restricted to new customers only, cannot be applied to renewals, cannot be applied to any associated licensing fees or used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of PoundHost Internet Limited T/A Simply Hosting & Servers. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT, please note, for EU customers VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence.

** Onsite backups offer is first 3 months at 99p per month, when paying monthly, using voucher code 3MBACKUP99. This offer is for new purchases only, cannot be applied to renewals, cannot be applied to any associated licensing fees or used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of PoundHost Internet Limited T/A Simply Hosting & Servers. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT, please note, for EU customers VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence.