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    You can depend on our technical support 24 / 7, 365 days a year. Simply call us or raise a ticket in your Customer Portal.

  • Flexibility


    Select the resources you need when configuring your cloud server. Grow as you go from your customer portal and see the new specification immediately.

  • Hardware


    We built our new server platform from the ground up for high performance and availability, utilising Dell & Cisco hardware for complete peace of mind.


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SSD VPS & Cloud Server Technology

What is Microsoft Hyper-V VPS Hosting?

What is Microsoft Hyper-V VPS Hosting?

Based on Windows Server 2012 R2, the Hyper-V virtualisation technology gives our virtual servers all the advantages of completely separate host and guest operating systems. This dedicated operating system means you can enjoy the benefits of an authentic virtual server with a dedicated operating system at a very attractive price.

There is a constantly evolving, wide choice of operating systems available, dependent on the server you have selected. You can install and configure the operating system and software knowing that performance has been designed to support all your applications, thanks to a low vCPU-to-core ratio and dedicated allocation of RAM.

Our platform is fully-virtualised, with an unlimited number of processes or threads that can be executed simultaneously. Highly efficient services and minimal maintenance will leave you free to dedicate your time exclusively to your business.

Dell and Cisco technology

We only host our VPS and cloud servers on hardware produced by major world brands. The combination of Dell hardware and Cisco network technologies, offers the best possible platform to provide virtualisation services with high performance, optimal availability and low failure rates.

Our high-speed servers respond to all types of needs and reliability demands over time, and pay special attention to energy consumption and environmental impact.

Dell and Cisco technology
NetApp & SSD storage

NetApp & SSD storage

We have selected the best storage units on the market to host your data. The drives on the Cloud servers are hosted on two NAS NetApp series FAS6200, using Flash Pool technology that automates storage tiering between SSD and SAS disks: this ensures data security thanks to RAID-DP functionality, with constant availability at maximum possible speeds.

Administrator privileges

With administrator access, you can configure and manage your server with the utmost freedom. This means you can compile software from sources, configure a firewall or install an additional module on your web server quickly and easily.

Administrator privileges
Highly customisable

Highly customisable

If you are looking for a simple solution with optimal price/quality ratio, then one of our three VPS options is ideal for you. If you require more configuration freedom, choose from our Cloud servers, adapting CPU, RAM and disks to suit your needs.

Expandable Cloud Server Hosting

The configuration of a Cloud server can grow at any time, even after purchase. You can increase the CPU, RAM, disk and traffic at any time directly from the Customer Portal. Your data will remain intact while increasing performance and storage capacity when needed.

On the other hand, if you already have a clear idea of what you want, and wish to dedicate your time exclusively to your business, choose from one of the three SSD VPS configurations offered. Are you a start-up? Do you need a server for specific developments or for a test? If yes, then a cloud server is the ideal solution for you.

Expandable Cloud Server Hosting


Plesk is a software package designed to simplify the management of your SSD VPS or Cloud Servers. A simple interface, accessible online, enables you to create space to host your websites, manage FTP users, email accounts, databases, and install or update software. Plesk also offers a series of useful tools for quick backups of your server and data, both locally and in a remote space, all restorable when needed even on another server. Plesk is constantly updated to remain 100% protected against the risk of any attack, and includes antivirus and anti-spam software for complete tranquility when sending and receiving emails.

No setup cost and free Operating System

Get your website and services online immediately, without any setup costs or concerns regarding which operating system to use for the SSD VPS or cloud server you choose. The operating system licenses are always included, even for the latest versions of Windows. Access the 'Operating System' area of the customer portal and select your preferred operating system from a constantly updated list.

No setup cost and free Operating System
24/7 onsite technical support

24/7 onsite technical support

Our 24/7 support team will provide you with all the assistance you need for any issues with your cloud servers or VPS. The service is accessible from the 'Support' section in the customer portal and is also available outside office hours and at weekends. You can always count on our help to guarantee continuity of your services and websites.

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SSD VPS is a top choice for convenience and performance, with its Hyper-V virtualisation technology and speedy SSDs.

It’s ideal for you if you're looking for a fast, cost effective server and you want it today.

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For complete control over the configuration of your server:

  • Complete Flexibility
  • Enterprise Dell Hardware
  • Fast Cisco Network
  • Fully Redundant Storage
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • Scale As You Grow
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