What is RDS CAL?

If you don’t already know “RDS” is a Remote Desktop Session, and each user and device that connects to this host, needs a client access license (CAL).

Each of our Virtual Private Servers with Windows Server OS comes with two RDS CALs, so if you want to provide access to yourself and 1 other to a Remote Desktop (RD) session, you can do so straight away. If you want to open up the Remote Desktop Session to more users, we offer RDS CAL in bundles of 5, 10 15 etc.

Info: To grant a user remote access, you need an additional RDS CAL for each user or device.

Why would you use a Remote Desktop Session?

One of our VPS Hosting customers uses their server to run a program where contractors can log in and access quotes, workstreams etc. To access the application, every contractor has to be correctly licensed via a RDS CAL that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A Remote Desktop Session, where you control who has an RDS CAL can easily enable controlled access to a program, system or documents, without the need for VPNs and IP address controlled login. In todays world where we are more remote than ever, it can be an easy solution.

Tip: The Remote Desktop Service that hosts the resources must have a Windows Server CAL matching the OS version. Remote client devices that access the server must have a User CAL. With newer RDS CALs, you can access older RDSH servers. However, older RDS CALs cannot work with new RDSH servers, and you need to purchase new licenses.

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